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NEW NEW NEW – Outfit Gallery!!

So rather than you having to trawl through all my posts to look back for something (optimistic I know) I’ve started adding my outfits to a gallery with the links below, easier for you to see the outfits.

Here is the link –>> Gallery

It’s also at the top of the page, next to ‘About  |  Home’

Enjoy, let me know if this is a rubbish idea as well please. Would be helpful.

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Here are some thoughts for you.

Recently made a bit of a mistake, technically anyway. Got me thinking hasn’t it.

We’re all human, we all make them, should we shunned for it straight away. Me personally I believe in second chances unless it’s like REALLY REALLY REALLY bad, unforgivable, no technicalities to relieve it at all.

1st time, ok I will make you grovel but we can move past it. 2nd time, step aside, before I walk right through you’re sorry ass!

Maybe as it says, we expect what we would be willing to give, which is sometimes more than we’re granted.

Just sharing my thoughts with you. Have a wonderful evening.

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Carrie Bradshaw Take 2


So here was the most gorgeous skirt I wore on Friday night for my friends birthday.

We went to Masons in Brentwood for dinner which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and then just out locally.

The skirt is from Oh My Love, bought from Topshop. I’ve paired it with a simple wrap crop top from River Island, a basic pair of black shoes and my hair up in a pony tail, it was clearly all about the skirt! I’ve worn my La Moda choker with it because I can’t be without it lately.

Click here for the link to the Skirt      //    Click here for the link to the choker

Hope you like. Also if you have any suggestions on how to dress it down for the daytime without spoiling it please let me know!

Lots of Love

IMG_2663 IMG_2643 IMG_2658

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Style Honey

Hey, so remember a while ago, a website called Style Honey featured my leather shorts post? Well my fashion writing article was seen by them and now I am proud to announce my first guest article for them!!

Take a look. Also sign up, it’s a big weekly round up email on a Sunday that gives you all the links to their top instagram, blogs, news, competition etc finds. Saves you trawling the internet.



Chels -x

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Oversized Pocket – OOTN

Hello there pretty!

New one for you. ASOS were offering 20% off to their premier account members so I thought I’d treat myself.

I got this oversized pocket top, which I obviously liked very much as I wore it out a mere 4 hours after it was delivered to my house. I’ve paired with with your average jeans, shoes from Primark last year, which yes I know are a bit summery for the moment, but without the cork they wouldn’t be summery. Also I do what I want so that’s really the be all and end all of that decision. (unnecessary attitude for you there) Also worn with my choker from New Look and purple lipstick.

On the subject too, if you don’t have ASOS premier… what are you doing with your life. Go now an buy it… I’ll wait it’s fine, the post will still be here when you come back.

It’s £9.99 for next day delivery all year!!! You only need to make 2 orders to have made your money from it. You also get early access to sales and promotions and as demonstrated, get exclusive discounts.




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