Socks & Platform Sandals?

So usually socks and sandals are a MASSIVE no go for me!!  Absolutely not! Until…. well I don’t know what changed but something did and I dipped my toes in that pool.

I wore this outfit for a little stroll around Spitalfields.

fblogger, grey jeans, platform sandals primark

Top – Topshop
Jeans – F&F – Tesco
Platforms – Primark
Socks – Primark
Jacket – Zara fblogger, grey jeans, platform sandals primark primark platform sandals, fblogger primark platform sandals, fblogger primark platform sandal fblogger

 grey marble nailsEnjoy


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Platform Sandal Love


So this was my attire for Friday night, we had a Champagne night at my house.

I am IN LOVE with these platform sandals and hadn’t had the chance the wear them yet given the weather. So I took my opportunity as I’d be inside. I kept the monochrome theme (as always) and went with a black and white striped bardot dress.

The dress was £5 and the sandals were £14.

I’ve worn this outfit with my choker and half my hair up the keep the whole vibe.

Hope you like. – The sandals are still in there for anyone  interested.

Lots of Love

 Primark Bardot Dress, fblogger

Primark Bardot Dress, fbloggerprimark platform sandal fblogger

primark platform sandal fblogger primark platform sandal fblogger

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Sabo Skirt – Formal Release

Good Morning beautiful.
I hope you’re having a fantastic day so far, not too long until the weekend where you can have your well deserved break and glass of wine!

I’m not sure if you all already know of Sabo Skirt but it’s an Australian brand founded by Thessy Kouzoukas and Yiota Karalouka. They’re clothes are absolutely beautiful, perfect for holidays given our English weather.

They’ve just released their ‘Formal’ collection which is TO DIE FOR!!! Literally peed my pants a little bit with excitement when I saw it.

Here are my favourite 2 pieces from the collection, I’m wondering if I can get away with either of them for my friends wedding in May what do you think?

Here are the links for the site and their blog which showcases the collection and does it every justice it deserves!


In a way I hope you didn’t know of this brand and I’ve just opened your eyes to a brand new secret.

It’s very worth the shipping fee. Only think I will say, order enough to make it worthwhile, you have the shipping fees from the website and then the DHL import tax on top of that which is like another £13.
From experience order more rather than just one piece.

Lots of love



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Primark Goodies

Hey lovelies.

The reason my posting has become a little sporadic is because I’m going through something at the moment which is taking up a lot of time, and putting a strain on my finances, which is turn is stopping me shopping.

So that means I have nothing new to show you haha! And we all know I love to show you new stuff rather than older stuff.

But I picked up these goodies in Primark on Saturday, thought I would share them because they are very worth it. But don’t all rush out to get them because then I’ll be sad and won’t wear them because I can see everyone else in them haha!

So this bikini is so impractical for someone like me who HATES tan lines, but I couldn’t resist because it’s so cool and was such a bargain. £7 for the set. The sandals were £4, and for that reason I’m not even explaining them any further, I think they speak for themselves.

Lots of love


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