Zara Dress & Curls

As a heads up all these goes on instagram before they go on here if you’re interested. – link is on my ‘about’ page and at the bottom of the page.

Anyyyy way, hope you’re well.

This was my attire for today, I decided to curl my hair, which never usually lasts, you’ll discover it’s usually on top of my head or just straight. The dress is from Zara, I think it’s from the TRF range. It has a black faux leather cape type thing on the top. The dress fits like a glove but it doesn’t feel inappropriately fitted for work because of the top part. Not sure if you can see that properly though.

I have a thing about pumps and dresses/ skirts, just can’t do it, unless I’m wearing tights. My hair and heels would have been too much so… tights and basic pumps it is. The elephant necklace is from accessorize.



Dress – Zara
Dress – Zara Necklace – Accessorize


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