Masculinity – Power Dressing

I know lately I wear dresses and come across all girly but this is more the real me so to speak.
Skinny trousers – can’t stand things flapping around my ankles. A loose fitting blouse and a decorative, slightly fitted jacket/blazer.
Some call it power dressing. I call it comfy. This is when I feel most comfortable and smartest for work.
Masculinity will always be a trend that is ‘in’ no matter what else is going on. It’s that sort of style that reminds me of Victoria Beckham – I’m not comparing myself to her, I’m not that stupid. That’s just asking for trouble – but her style. She power dresses, she knows her shape and what looks good and she sticks to it, hence why she always looks flawless.
Anyway enough ramble.

Trousers – Warehouse// Blouse – H&M// Jacket – H&M// Shoes – Matalan

P.s – The little bitch of a dog are those shoes tonight. Not at all impressed.
PPS – sorry it’s taken in a mirror was in a rush this morning and no one else was up.






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