What is happening to the world..?

Here’s another rambling one for you… 

What is happening with the male species lately.. either something is happened with them, or me.. not sure which I’d prefer.

It used to be easy.. you know what was happening, knew what the end game was. But lately, it doesn’t even seem to be about the end game.. which either something seriously off putting about me hahaha, that means that is no longer the aim of the game. Orrr the world has gone a bit mad.  

I’m watching ‘Friends with Benefits’ at this moment it time and I agree with ‘Jamie’ at some point I have to stop thinking it’s not me, it has to be me. 


Feel free to email me some words of wisdom. 

Lots of love




One thought on “What is happening to the world..?

  1. It’s probably not you, Guys just don’t know what they want, they can’t make a decision between just wanting sex or wanting a full term relationship, obviously not in the same situation as you but it seems as though, the ‘guy’ or ‘guys’ just can’t choose what they want with you.

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