Live life for you..

Here’s a little thought for you to think about.. 

Live life for you.. I do try and preach this one a bit. 

For those of you that are already thinking ‘how selfish‘ yes it very much is selfish, but it doesn’t have an ONLY in there. Still help other people, still care about others, but when it all goes wrong for you, who will 100% be there every time.. you will. You will be in the constant in all bad situations.. therefore live your life for you. 

Do what makes you happy, make yourself your number 1 priority, don’t struggle along all the time to do everything for others when you aren’t getting anything for yourself.

I use this a lot to my mum, she is always trying to sort me and my brother out and losing out herself. I’m 21 and he’s 18, we earn our w money, I know it’s a parents job to worry but she can cut herself some slack and start doing stuff for herself a bit, buy yourself a new outfit, pick the dinner you want to have, even just small things like this make a difference. 

Anyway, thought of the day for you.. Life life for you and make yourself happy!




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