I think this picture speaks volumes!

I just wish I could land my dream career.. working for a events company that specialises in fashion events!
I would honestly give my arm to land in that career, it would never feel like work.
Even work experience would help!
Should you be reading this and be able to help me out a little, please feel free to email me!

Anyway, I hope you all are in a job that you love to do and doesn’t feel like work! If you’re not, maybe it’s something you should give some thought and try to pursue, to save that dread in the morning the minute you open your eyes.

Have a wonderful night, and I hope your week is going ok.. Thursday tomorrow.. we’re almost there.
A long bank holiday weekend will do us all beautifully I’m sure.

Lots of love


4 thoughts on “DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

  1. I agree everyone should do a job they love. I made a change a few years back that went in the opposite direction from what most people want. I move from an office job to an armored truck diver but I love it. I wish you the best finding your events company that specializes in fashion events!

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