Concealed Skort

Have a little look at this..

Picture taken from
Picture taken from

It’s a concealed skort worn by Kendall Jenner. I see a dress in this style on ASOS yesterday and was a bit mesmerised by it. I didnt really take very well to the skorts that were around a few weeks back. Something just doesnt sit right about the front with me. It needs to look like one or the other. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too, it just doesnt work.

So when I see this. Well this is a whole different ball game, I’m a shorts girl, love a pair of shorts, would spend all year round in them if I could, but as with everything, you can become bored. Well here we have, the shorts that look like a dress. Pretty with all the modesty covered, no accidents can happen in these. And for that reason, I will be looking to purchase that dress or a skirt like the one Kendall is wearing here!

Kendall Jenner – Look Magazine 

Let me know what you think.

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