Birthday Weekend


So I’ve missed loads of stuff I should have told you.. so my birthday was at the beginning of October, but I was working away so it was all elongated. I also share my birthday with my best friend Sian who turned 21.

Here are some of the highlights for you.


Dinner at TGI’s Bristol

IMG_9068 IMG_9070

This was my bedroom when I got back from work Friday evening. This was what my best friend, Sian, had arranged for me, so cute! She’d also written me a letter and made a photo album for me.


All 4 bottles were drunk between me and Sian alone, so as you can imagine we were very hungover the next day.

IMG_9113 IMG_9150

My present from the girls

My work desk, and the bag below, I also got a purse to go with it. IMG_9154I was very spoilt this year 🙂 Hope you enjoy birthday as much as I did.

lots of love




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