Worrying won’t change anything!

So here are some more thoughts for you. I’m really enjoying my life at the moment and it’s seeing things like this that make me appreciate it even more!

Worrying will not change the outcome – how true is this? No matter how long you lie there awake at night or how worked up you get, whatever is going to happen will happen. You either do something about it or don’t, but those thoughts in your head aren’t affecting anything, you’re just making yourself unhappy!!

IMG_8873 And this one.. if this doesn’t make you think what am I doing I don’t know what will. If you do live like this, congratulations, you are officially one of the happiest people in the world. We all worry far too much about what people think, at the end of the day not everyone can hate you. Someone has to like you, so stop pretending to be someone you aren’t or curbing your personality because someone might look at you funny. Do what you want and most of all do what makes you happy.



The best thing to get you noticed is confidence and that stems from happiness.

Girls, and boys for that matter, that ooze confidence are the ones you want to be around and the ones that will influence your life in a positive way, they will grab your attention, for all different reasons, hair, clothes, make up, looks, but it’s the confidence they are wearing that made you look in the first place!!

I hope this makes you think and leaves you in a positive mood and way of thinking.

If this post helps change just one mindset then my mission is complete.

Happy Sunday beautifuls, make sure the first thing you put on tomorrow morning for that dreaded Monday is your confidence.

Lots of love




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