Over the Knee’s…because everyone needs a pair

Hello again,

So I convinced myself after seeing a few pairs that over the knee boots are all I need for my winter wardrobe. Which is obviously a lie, I need far more than just boots but they’re a good start.

I couldn’t decide between flat ones or heeled ones. Because I’m quite short I obviously couldn’t go too high with the heel before I start resembling Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I also had the biggest issue finding some that didn’t go baggy round my ankles. Anyway back to the point, I think I tried on like a good 30 pairs before I found some. I bought flat ones from Next. and then changed my mind, I wanted heeled ones, so I found these from New Look of all places. The heel is 3.5″ I think so it doesn’t look very high at all.

I’ll stop rabbiting on now.. Outfit for Saturday night is as follows;

IMG_0377 Untitled IMG_0378

Top – AX Paris from USC
Jeans – Mango
Boots – New Look

Here is the link for the boots too if you would like.

Happy Shopping

Lots of Love




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