There are all kinds of love


This has made you think hasn’t it.. I love this by F. Scott Fitzgerald, I believe it’s from Great Gatsby

You will never love the same way twice, for those that have loved twice, is this true for you? Did you love them both the same way?

Not only with people, but with your 2 favourite pairs of shoes, or your favourite jackets, or your favourite foods. You love them both… but not the same right? For very different reasons.
I can almost see your face as you read this, like yeah that’s true actually.
So for those looking for a happy ending… it will never be the same as you’ve felt before.. don’t get caught up searching for that same feeling, it won’t be there.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday.

I have the best fur jacket to show you later, I hope you’re as exciting to see it as I am to show you!.

Lots of Love
Chels x


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