South Bank Winter Festival

South Bank Winter Festival… such a cute night out.. me and 2 of the girls went on Saturday evening. It was absolutely freezing but it didn’t seem to hinder the night at all.

They have Little Christmas Huts, selling mulled wine, mulled cider, food, Christmas decorations, chocolates etc. A maze made out of Christmas trees with cute little lights (picture below) A carousel.. wait for it.. FOR ALL AGES!! That’s worth it alone right?? A Rekorderlig Cider Lodge, playing music and serving drinks, little benches with heaters in the middle and lots more.

Best thing of all, it’s free to go and just pay for what you want. Definitely worth going if you can. Link is below if you want to find out times and everything.

South Bank Winter Festival



These were ‘Toffee Apples’ hot drinks made from apples juice and ‘toffee Thunder vodka’ very nice but very sickly. But worth trying even for the novelty.IMG_0666.JPG






Overall we had a lovely little evening and now I want to see what other Christmassy events are around other than Winter Wonderland and Winterville. Please feel free to let me know if there are any you think I might like.

Thank you

Chels x


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