A shift in style

So lately, my style has taken a slight shift, the 90’s throwback look I keep using is becoming more apparant in my looks at the moment.

So this was Saturdays look, I don’t have many good pictures to show you, as the alcohol took over before I could do this but…

Dress & Belt – Primark (both from about a million years ago.)
Boots – Daisy Street
Choker & Ear Cuff – New Look
Head Jewellery – Miss Selfridge

The dress is actually from such a long time ago, it was my mums that she never wore. It’s a size 12 so too big but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has a brocade kind of look to it. I keep wondering if someone will be able to remake it for me in a different material but I’m too lazy to go out and find someone to do it. Need to take a dress making class, would make my life far easier.

IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_1502 IMG_1684

I’ve paired it with chunky boots, and ear cuff earring and a choker, punking it up a little bit as you can see. My lips are also purple but you can’t actually see that.  Oh and I finished it with black nails.

Hope you like, and if you know any dressmakers feel free to point me their way.

Lots of love




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