Always Treat Yourself – New Car

Every year I buy myself something I wouldn’t usually buy or something more extravagant than usual and pass it off as a Christmas present for myself, and I also do the same thing at my birthday, call it childish or self centred, either way I’m happy about it.

So as a belated Christmas present this year I bought myself a new car!! A Mercedes CLC. 

IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! And the interior sets it off, making it far better than it already is from the outside. It has a panoramic sunroof as well!! It isn’t brand new.. I don’t shit money but I still couldn’t be happier.

I work hard and have nothing to show for it, I can’t save.. I can pay stuff off though.. so I am now the proud owner at 22 of a Mercedes. Very proud of myself!

Only problem… now I have to make sure I don’t look like shit when I go out in it.

IMG_1703 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1705

Lots of Love




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