Plain White Tee

Saturday’s Outfit.

Didn’t do very much, decided to stay in and eat food that’s really unhealthy and feel guilty about it after.

So for that, you obviously need your eating pants on don’t you!! And a relatively loose t-shirt to hide the food baby.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear the outfit without the intention of stuffing my face too.

I can’t remember the last time I owned a plain white t-shirt let alone wore one.. I picked this one up from H&M with the plan of doing something to it.. obviously haven’t got round to that yet, as per.. What’s new! Spiced it up a little with the fur coat, choker and chunky tartan spiked necklace from Zara. In hindsight a grey bobble beanie hat would have set this off. There’s always next time I guess.

IMG_1745 IMG_1743

Jeans – River Island
T-Shirt – H&M
Coat – USC – Firetrap
Boots – ZARA

 I also promise to try and get back into posting regularly.

Lots of Love




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