Workwear – A Blazer Makes All The Diffference

Hello lovelies!!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days, had a terrible week!!(I won’t bore you with it don’t worry. This isn’t one of the soppy posts, you know I’m not that girl) Genuinely really sorry this time, actually mean it and everything.

Been saving my posts for you though, not all is lost.

So workwear post for you!! I always go simple for work, it isn’t the sort of place I can massively power dress to be honest.

The dress is from Primark that I got a while ago I really like the little flare to it. The blazer is from H&M and the necklace to finish it off, also Primark.

I’d love to be able to power dress all the time for work, it makes me feel so much more confident.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

Lots of love


IMG_1965 IMG_1974 IMG_1970 IMG_1975


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