Advice – Fashion Writing


So I’m not sure if any of you read this or just look at the pictures, but for those of you that read it. I need your help.
My passions are shifting with age (haha makes me sound so old) but serious:
I want to get into fashion writing, I kind of fell into my current job, Communications and Events Coordinator.
I love the events side of it. I like the writing side. I started this to help me with my stiff tone. It worked here I am.
I’d love to get into fashion writing as well so..

ATTENTION ALL FASHION WRITERS! Any of you that write for e-magazines, magazines, larger scale blogs, websites. What can I do to step in this direction without going back to college or uni. I’m far better at doing that learning from a book or sitting in front of someone talking at me.

I would love your help, all is appreciated. Please comment below or email if you are one of those kind hearted souls that love to help.

Lots of and lots of love





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