Dancing Attire

Hello you little ray of sunshine. Yes I’m talking to you, stop blushing!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! No one wants to follow a bad weekend with a week at work! Unless you adore your job and in that case, I envy you!!

So here was my dancing attire for Saturday night! Another piece from the Zara collection! You may have seen it in my previous post! I chose to wear it with no tights – weathered the cold like a brave little solider – and my big old chunky boots from Daisy Street. Chucked on my faithful choker and a pair of purple lips.

How nice is this dress! The print is amazing and it’s a lovely cut that can make you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing even if you’re having ones of those days! You know exactly what day I’m talking about.

Anyway I hope you like, and I will make more effort to put a midweek outfit together for you.

Until the next time, lots of love.

Chelsea ❤




Taken From Zara Website

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