Workwear Monochrome

Thought I would share one of my work outfits for you.

Love black and white for work, it’s slimming, it makes everything look smarter, and anyone that says it’s boring can suck it, you’re doing it wrong!

So the blouse, I think is from Select. I like the block colour on it. The trousers, I am in love with, it usually takes me ages to find work trousers with the right crop and the right skinniness around the ankle. If they’re too skinny they start to look like leggings, These are from Dorothy Perkins Petite sections. They were also 20% off at the time so they cost me £14.40. Far cheaper than my last ones that were something along the lines of £38 from Warehouse – they also lasted 2 minutes before becoming bobbly and rubbish.

So if you are looking for work trousers, cropped and skinny. DP is your answer. They also come in bottle green. Click here to go to the website!


Lots of love







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