festival outfit, head chain, festival attire, choker

Festival Outfit

It has been forever since I posted I know, I went through an amazing spout of life where I was ALWAYS busy with friends and… you got it!  A boy… naturally that came crashing down haha, so I hope to be back semi full-time at least for now.

I went to We Are Festival in Upminster, Essex the last weekend of May, safe to say I don’t remember much of it but my outfit was, in my own eyes amazing! I absolutely loved it, wish I could re-wear it 😦 but it isn’t the sort of thing you can wear whenever you feel like it.

Shorts – Zara
Overdress – Forever 21
Shoes – Dr Martens
Choker, Head Chain, Metallic Tattoos – New Look
Gold Necklace – H&M
Sunglasses – Primark

festival outfit, head chain, festival attire, choker festival outfit festvial outfit
head chain, festival outfit, choker festival outfit, head chain, choker, metallic tattoos metallic tattoos metallic tattoos, festival outfit festival outfit, doc martens, floral doc martens

I was going for a look that no one else would have, I didn’t want to see anyone who looked the same as me, as far as my memory tells me I was indeed the only one in this outfit. I’d say I almost went for a Coachella look I guess. So that explains the Dr Martens, I’ve just been waiting for the chance to wear metallic tattoos/ he overdress I found the night before and just had to have it.

Let me know what you think or how I can re wear the overdress, I’d love to reuse it.

Lots of love



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