Weddington Way Bridesmaid Dress

So I’ve been tasked by a company called ‘Weddington Way’ to style one of their bridesmaid dresses for a date night scenario.
First of all, there are so many dresses you could wear from their collection it’s actually a joke to try and just pick one, but the one that’s stuck with me most is this one called Alfred Sung D516

I love it in black which is the classic go to for a date right, or a girly night out. Can’t go wrong with a little black dress. The fit to this dress is flattering in all the right places and the open back gives it the sex appeal for date night 😉

I personally would pair it with red shoes and a red bag, possibly a red necklace depending on how it sat on the dress. Red is meant to give the appearance of power and confidence, again perfect for date night, could hide your nerves a little. As it goes I would actually wear this for a date night, girly night or even to work!! How versatile is that?!


I was originally doing this post for fun and I’ve gone and convinced myself into buying the dress I think – damn it!

However, if you’re going for a more flirty summery look and don’t want to be bogged down by black so much then this colour is the one!! Alfred Sung D586 And I would again keep it simple and let the dress do the talking with nude shoes, nails and bag.


And of course with both you’d obviously need to have your hair up to show off the cute little bow and the open back.


So I’ve definitely fallen in love with the dress writing this and if I, lucky enough to go on a date this summer (haha) and have the time I would definitely consider getting this dress!

Hope you like!


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