Suede Fringing

So as you know summer sales are in full swing and naturally one of all our favourites is Zara. 

I was lucky enough to get there the first day and pick up all the good bargains, one of them being this suede fringed top! It was love at first sight. It’s quite boxy too so you haven’t got to worry about marks that may appear on a hot day if you know what I mean. 

I chose to wear it with skinny jeans and a pair of heeled sandals and I think I wore it to dinner. 

Unfortunately I can’t find you a link but hopefully you can still pick it up in store. Hope you like.

zara suede fringe top, zara, fblogger  zara suede fringe top, zara, fblogger 
zara suede fringe top  


3 thoughts on “Suede Fringing

  1. I initially thought you threw on the triangle material with the fringes over an outfit but was surprised to see in the last picture that the fringe is part of the top you are wearing. Looks great, I must say! I am not that much of a fringe fan but this top may have made me into one haha

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