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Summer Topshop Skirt

How cute is this!

I was walking through Topshop to pick up an order I made online – sale shopping naturally – and I saw this on my way through, one in my size! Fate right?? Yeah that’s what I thought too so I bought it and I can safely say for the 2 weeks I’ve had it I’ve already worn it twice, which is a lot considering I only get the weekends to wear non work clothes!

The colour and the print is just too much!! I’ve decided to show you both ways I’ve worn it in this post. Good aren’t I! One was to go out dancing with the girls, the other way just out shopping so you get the best of both worlds here!

I’m not going to waffle on because I think this one speaks for itself and I also have many more post to write you!
I can’t find it online to give you the link either – sorry – if anyone finds it, let me know and I’ll add it in.


Skirt – Topshop
Top – River Island
Shoes – Primark


Skirt – Topshop
Top – New Look
Shoes – Zara


3 thoughts on “Summer Topshop Skirt

  1. beautiful!! this is so summery and perfect – love 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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