yellow smock dress zara, fblogger

Yellow Smock

So here is another dress I picked up in the Zara sale, a yellow smock dress, which I love, and to be perfectly honest with both you and myself, I won’t actually wear very often, but I couldn’t resist! It’s so light and easy to throw on if you’re having one of those days – and yes you know what I mean without me having to explain it!

I’ve chosen to wear it on this occasion with flat gladiator sandals, and a brown belt to bring it otherwise I look like I’m trying to hide some form of pregnancy or bloating, which don’t get me wrong are both fine, just not what I wanted to show off this day!

I would wear it with brown wedges to dress it up with some gold accessories, but at the moment I don’t actually own brown wedges so that dress will be worn this way or not at all for the time being.

If you know of any brown wedge shoes that would go particularly well with this dress, feel free to let me know and throw the link my way!




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