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Georgio Armani – Si

I’m sure some of you already know of Klout and Klout Perks! Well I got my first perk last month which was this AMAZING set of perfumes, the new collection of Si by Georgio Armani! #SaySi

They all smell amazing, eau de toillete, eau de perfum and intense. The intense one reminds me of the sort of smells like Gucci Guilty and the perfum and toillette ones remind me of me sort of smells, quite easy going but a little sweet, Coco Mademoiselle, Chance, Le Jour, those types.

The box they came in is beautiful and the bottles are so lovely, even if I didn’t like the scents, they’d look pretty on the dresser.

Anyway I’m very thankful to Klout Perks for these and they came the day before my birthday which just made it even better!





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