Casual Fridays – OOTD – Over the Knee

Heyyyy, we’ve reached the half way point, just 2.5 more days to go and we’re back at the weekend and one step close to Christmas!

I thought I’d share Friday’s outfit with you seen as I haven’t worn the coat for that long it’s basically new!

I’m not a big fan of coats, I feel like they define your outfit, so essentially everything underneath the coat is redundant and that’s always a real shame for me, it also makes me feel like I look the same all the time, so I tend to stay away from coats. But this one I do love, not enough to wear it everyday, but love none the less.

I’m pretty sure it was from Tesco a good few years back, it has a kind of military feel to it, a bit fitted and sleekish for a coat. I wore it with a black blouse/shirt tucked in to my jeans and over the knee boots. The only problem with this coat is that it’s navy and I’m not a huge fan of navy and black.




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