H&M velvet dress - snakeskin print, skinny dip juicebox bag, primark cut out shoes

Out Out, Velvet Snakeprint – Hell Yeah

 Here is my outfit from Friday night, we had a proper girly night out for the first time since August! Yes August, you can just imagine the hangovers we all had Saturday ( Mine lasted until Sunday morning – bleurgh)

Anyway, this is the dress I wore which was an utter bargain from H&M, it was only £12.99. I love the snakeskinny sort of print within the velvet. Perfect price, perfect length, good stretch. Here’s the only problem, it died my freaking skin! I woke up the next day and I was slightly smurf like, my bed sheet and my pj’s all blue!

So I would suggest washing it first, HANDWASH! Please don’t add in and ruin other clothes!

I wore it with my cut out shoes from Primark and SkinnyDipLdn bag, and my hair in a simply ponytail.

Here’s the link if you want to buy the dress; Buy HERE!




H&M Velvet Dress
Picture from H&M Website

IMG_5047skinnydip, skinny dip london, orange juice carton bag, fashion, fblogger


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