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Lingerie Love Take 2 – Lace Bralette

Oh just look! Scroll down have a little look and then come back up to me!

Done it? It’s beautiful isn’t it! I couldn’t be happier with this! It’s from a little independent brand call ‘Beloved Lingerie’ it’s handmade which makes it feel that little bit better than the mass produced stuff, and it’s actually cheaper than the sets you can get from places like MissGuided etc.

It comes in black and white, and they have other stuff on their website too! All just as nice. It come with a nice little handwritten note with a discount for my next purchase (lovely touch) and it was wrapped in pink tissue paper. And I mean packaging definitely counts! 

I have no idea how I’m going to wear it as outerwear yet, been at work and that’s not appropriate! But check back on my Instagram and I’m sure you’ll see by the weekend. 

Do I need to say much more? I don’t think so, but I will leave their website and instagram links below for you.

Lots of Love





14 thoughts on “Lingerie Love Take 2 – Lace Bralette

  1. I’m huge into wearing lingerie into my everyday apparel.So much I sign up for a monthly box at like birchbox but for lingerie lol.It’s only 14 so not bad.I’m really big into bralettes and babydoll slips. You can wear your bralette underneath a denim or cotton button down shirt,leather jacket or sheer top.I layer my slip with any crop tops.Is fun to mix and match but I usually wear it anywhere but work.Great post

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