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Shoe Collection

Hi lovelies,

So those of you that have read my resolutions and goals post will know that I have already failed to an extent. Ooops! I hope to get the ball rolling again soon.

I’ve been so unmotivated this week it’s a joke. I’m hoping it’s just my ‘special time’ and once that’s over I’ll spring back to life! (Sorry too much info.) Just a little update on the week for you quick too, I went for an interview for a job I really really wanted on Wednesday. I then got a phone call the next day from another consultant asking me about the same job, so I’m guessing I haven’t got that dammit it! I need a full time job again, it’s been 5 months now! And I’m totally not bitter about it at all clearly.

So, shoes. I just thought, I’m lacking a little inspiration for posts at the moment, still hoping it’s the same issue, but maybe the best alternative would be to just start writing about my favourite shoes.

I have so many shoes it’s beyond necessary I never get to wear them all, not to their full potential anyway. So I’m going to show you four pairs, two that have only been worn once, an two very faithful pairs that I pretty much wear with everything all the time.


First off, my faithful cut out shoes, these were something like £18 from Primark last year. I realise we’re not really doing cut out shoes anymore but I can’t help not want to wear them with everything. They do pretty much go with everything and they have the ability to dress outfits up that little bit more plus they’re unbelievably comfortable.


Second, my favourite ‘love to look at’ shoes. These were from La Moda, but they’re doing them everywhere nowadays so you can get them anywhere. I got these for my birthday, wore them to dinner and haven’t worn them since. They’re more dinner shoes for me, I love the colour, I love the fringing, I love the wrapped ankle strap with the tassle at the end but they aren’t a very high heel. I’m 5ft 1 at a push and most of my friends are considerably taller than me (naturally. It’s not hard.) So when we go out, I’d rather wear my taller shoes. Which limits these a lot. Hopefuly my social life grows this year and I’ll get more of a chance to wear them before my lust for them fades.


Third, another uber comfortable pair. I love these during the summer, I pretty much wear them whenever I can. They’re a really high heel, but it’s wide so not painful to wear. The cork heel and platform reminds me of summer so much, so I’m excited to get these out again. I have a bag with the same sort of pattern that the strap over has and black and white basically go with everything so they literally can be worn at all times. These are from Primarks Limited Edition collection too. I’m discovering how much I appreciate a Primark shoe here. I’m pretty sure these are like 2 -3 years old which is why they look very worn and slightly faded. (BRAINWAVE: I could reupholster -I don’t think that’s the right word – but the black and white pattern bit so they don’t look so faded and bring them more on trend this year. Oh this is good, I’m a bit excited right now.)


Last but certainly not least these simple colbalt blue shoes. These are from, you guessed it, Primark. I got these for my birthday too, only these were a present from me to me, because well I deserved them. I love the heel details, the metallic and the unusual dropped shape. Again with these the heel is quite small so I prefer to wear them dinner wise and not out out. I always find myself in quite simple outfits so it’s nice to add a pop of colour via shoes sometimes.


If you’ve made it this far then thank you very much for reading my longest post ever. Hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think and what your top 3 favourite shoes are.

Lots of love




10 thoughts on “Shoe Collection

  1. I love the cut out shoes, no wonder you want to wear them all the time. I couldn’t believe it when you said the red ones weren’t high I have gotten terrible with heels in my old age they definitely look high to me 🙂 Lovely photos too I must say xx

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