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Hello again!

What feels like months ago, in January when we were all talking about Goals and Resolutions one of the things that kept coming up was Yoga. Mindfulness has become such a big thing in the past 6 months what with the adult colouring books etc. (Calling them adult makes me laugh, it always sounds like you may open it up and see stuff you didn’t expect rather than more intricate patterns.) Yoga is a kind of two birds one stone thing, mindfulness/meditation and fitness rolled in to one.

I started Yoga last year and was using an app, which I didn’t particularly want to pay for. For some reason Youtube didn’t even enter my mind. (Blonde moment) But I wanted to start again this year and someone suggested Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel as she was doing a 30 Day Yoga Camp. Winning right? 30 days, in the comfort of my own home, so I don’t have to look like an ungraceful seal rolling around the floor. 30 days is meant to be enough time to form a habit, so I thought there was no harm done to give it a try.

What I didn’t realise that whilst Adriene does give you an insight into yoga, she also heavily focuses on the positive thinking side of things. Everyday there is a new Mantra to take away, things like ‘I surround’, ‘I accept’, ‘I Respect’. Things that you can tailor to you however big or small and believe it or not it actually works. I feel far more positive even though the Camp is over. So she gives you examples, ‘I accept…that I’m exactly where I need to be in life’s plan for me’ which is a great weight off your shoulders to finally accept if you’re into that. But you can also change it to whatever you want, ‘I accept that I just can’t make a good cup of tea’ something so miniscule which can spiral in time and lead to a more positive lifestyle.

The actual yoga side to it is also great, it’s a great speed for a beginner, she gives different variations you can do for all different levels from a first timer to someone who is far more advanced. The best thing about that is whilst she shows the options she doesn’t scoot past the beginner ones and stick in the advanced poses, she does the opposite, if you’re further on you can do this, but if not we’ll go with this for today, which is nice to see for once.

I’ve completed the 30 days now and I can feel a difference in myself already, my posture is slightly better, I can push negative thoughts away far easier and I actually want to carry on. I’ve booked a Hot Yoga class that’s local to me to keep a least one regular session a week and then I will try to carry on a few more per week at home. (Hot Yoga is yoga in a heated room so you sweat more and deepen your stretches. I’ll let you know how that one goes.) Seeing how my poses have developed in such a short space of time has pushed me to want to go further. I’ve also started following some yoga instagram accounts which make me green with envy and push my motivation too. I’m also loving the idea of a Yoga Retreat on a beach in Sri Lanka or somewhere if it gets that far.

If you are looking to get into Yoga I would recommend ‘YogawithAdriene’ on Youtube if not for the fitness side of it but for the mindfulness side.

I’d love to hear of your Yoga journeys, be sure to share them with me!

Lots of Love
Chelsea – Aspiring Yogi



2 thoughts on “Aspiring Yogi

  1. Yoga is the absolute cure! I have been practising for a few years now. Even though I haven’t tried Bikram Yoga (hot yoga), I have tried many styles and I have finally found thing in Ashtanga Yoga. You should try it – you do it in a naturally warm room and it’s really dynamic so your stretches will be nice and deep. Hope you’re still inspired 🙂

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