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OOTD – bomber + DMs

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while, hope you’re all well, so I guess I should start by telling you why it’s been so long and where I’ve been. Not that I’m assuming you’re at all sitting there wondering where I am, but it’s just logical.

So I got my new job, which is 60 miles round the m25 from where I live, which as you can imagine isn’t a high speed journey, being on the m25 an all. I leave at 5:45 and get in around 6 providing there hasn’t been an accident. I get in make dinner, take the dog out and pay her some attention, have a bath and it’s back to bed to start again. I should now be working from a more local office which means I will have more time to write posts again. Also means I seriously need to get better at planning and writing posts ahead of when I want. But that’s a learning curve. Other than the journey the job is going well though.


The outfit… I bought the bomber a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had much of a chance to wear it. I’d wanted one for a while but didn’t want one of the padded ones, it makes me look too boyish so I was struggling to find one. Then walking through H&M this little beauty popped up in my eyeline… from the boys section. Winning. How many other girls in their 20s am I going to see in this jacket from the boys section? The answer, very few, if any. SOLD. It’s things like this that make me appreciate my lack of height.


I’m not a huge fan of wearing this jacket with anything other than black, so I kept it simple with black jeans, a black top and pulled out the old Dr Martens. – Which are absolutely huge for my feet, I wish I could find a plain black pair that are skinnier for women’s feet. I also kept my hair down to girl it up a little bit.



Anyway, that’s pretty much it, see you soon.


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