Zara suede playsuit, fashion

Who doesn’t love a good sale buy

Hello lovely.

I wanted to share this playsuit with you that I snapped up in a Zara sale back at Christmas time. It was £12.99! Can you believe that? 13 small pounds!

I’m one of these people who, annoyingly for anyone who asks me where I got something from, buys something and doesn’t actually wear it for ages. I think it’s partly on purpose so I don’t have the ‘OMG we’re in the same outfit’ dilemma when I’m out, but partly because I don’t go out enough.

I love this suede playsuit though, it’s actually a little big but that isn’t anything new to my life. It should have come with some form of belt, but it didn’t so I added this gold plated one which I believe is from Primark. It breaks up the black a little too. Paired with plain black shoes and curly hair which dropped before I’d even walked out the door damn it.

It was a good night too, which tends to be rare nowadays.






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