Holiday wishlist

I’m going on holiday! YAYYYY
For anyone that knows me this is a big deal! I usually go on holiday 2-3 times a year at least! Last year, I didn’t get to go at all, so this year it’s super exiting to already be getting one in.

I’m one of these that always has clothes for all occasions, so when I go on holiday I don’t really need anything new, it’s just maybe a couple of key pieces because it’s nice to have new clothes for holidays. Also, not sure who started that trend but thanks a bunch for adding an additional price tag to a holiday. (big sigh)

This time round, as I haven’t been for over a year, I’m thinking I’m going to treat myself to that new holiday wardrobe. I’ve already picked out a few bits that have been added to the wishlist, but thought I would share this to see what you’d add to it.

*All pictures are from the websites*

Topshop jumpsuit
Topshop – Palm print jumpsuit in petite

I’ve been looking at this for a while and only just seen it comes in petite. Hello holiday!

One teaspoon ‘bandit’ denim shorts

I adore one teaspoon at the moment and whilst these would be investment shorts they’d be so worth it! The pair I live and die in at the moment are Replay jeans that I’ve cut down and had since I was about 13. So on that basis they will definitely be worth it and can be worn back in the UK should the weather get nice enough for me to actually wear them.

Quay sunglasses
Quay sunglasses, My girl in ‘coffee’

I’m so in love with these sunglasses, and this is the only place I can find them in the UK, but they’re sold out at the moment, with a little note to say ‘restocking’. I’ve gone as far as to email them to see when they will be back in stock to make sure I get them. If not I’ll cry and look really gross because I have no amazing sunglasses to hide behind!.

forever 21
Forever 21 dress

I love this festival style dress from Forever 21, unfortunately for me it’s sold out at the moment, hoping I can catch it in store. I would wear this with knee high gladiators for sure!

new look
New look, denim pinafore dress in petite

This would be so cute to wear with a floral top and knee high gladiators. Also very easy to wear day to day out of a holiday situation.


7 thoughts on “Holiday wishlist

  1. I haven’t been on holiday for nearly 9 years and I’ve never been abroad haha!!! I love that Topshop jump suit! I saw it in my local store yesterday and fell in love with the print x

    Lauren |

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