Alien Uncovered Listening Party

Hello beautiful,
Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Alien Uncovered listening party and it was so good!

Alien Uncovered Listening Party

So you may remember them from X-Factor. You will most likely remember their extremely out there fashion sense! Which is so ballsy it’s beyond belief, I wish I had their confidence.

I went to a showcase of theirs before and it was good but this one just STEPPED UP THE GAME! They’ve come so far. I’m a little bit proud to have got to see the progression.

They performed a few songs and then played us some of the new stuff (the listening party part.) You’re in for a treat! Catchy, full of girl power and attitude and their voices just harmonise in the most beautiful way!

It was at McQueen in Shoreditch which was an amazing venue for them. Bubbly on arrival, Alien Uncovered cocktails, goody bags (lots of glitter and Barry M goodies). The real deal! X-Factor’s Anton Stephans, Josh Daniel, Sean Miley Moore,  James Dunmore and JP from MIC and plenty more, were all there to support the girls too.

I didn’t get the best videos, my camera angle wasn’t ideal but I’m sure they will be up somewhere soon by someone who can use a camera far better than I can. Here’s a snippet for you…

They’re bringing a single out in the summer so keep your eyes peeled! I’m sure it will be the one that’s stuck in your head and you can’t stop singing.
Here’s all their social media links so you can follow and keep posted or just for a nose around if that’s how you’re feeling today. Either way I think it will be worth your time.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Website, and last but not least, YouTube




Are you excited? Do you love their fashion sense? Let me know thoughts.



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